340B is Essential Health Care

340B is helping end the HIV epidemic, giving people living with and vulnerable to HIV access to the life saving health care they need.

What Is the 340B Discount Drug Program?

The 340B Discount Drug Program is an essential program that is helping end the HIV epidemic.   

It allows eligible HIV service organizations to give our patients living with HIV access to the medicines they need to live long, healthy lives. Additionally, it provides access for patients who are vulnerable to HIV to PrEP prescriptions and the HIV testing they need to know their status. 

The 340B Program allows safety net providers to stretch their limited resources further. Qualified safety net providers purchase prescription medications at a 340B discounted price and are reimbursed by insurance for the full cost of the medication. Cost savings from the 340B Program allow safety net providers to cover care for uninsured patients & provide services to support more holistic patient needs (such as transportation for medical appointments.)

We Need to Preserve 340B

We want to maintain the integrity of the 340B program in order to ensure that people living with and at risk of HIV have access to health care. We believe:   

How Does 340B Benefit Americans?

We cannot end the HIV epidemic without services like these that allow people living with or at risk of contracting HIV to access care.   

The 340B Discount Drug Program funds projects that help people get to medical appointments, secure housing, eat, navigate health insurance, receive medications and stay healthy.

Access to Transportation

Nutritional Programs

Access To Health Insurance

Holistic Support & Care

Preserve 340B.
Save Lives.

Safety-net providers are deeply committed to serving their communities and getting people the care they need — but they cannot provide these necessary programs without the critical funding the 340B Discount Drug Program provides.

Real People. Real Stories. Real Change.

"'It’s kind of mind-boggling to be in a place where everything in my life is working. I get to express my creativity in a way that makes a difference, and I’ve never been healthier and I’ve never been more stable."
~ Nicholas
After 4 months on his medication regimen, Frank’s viral load is now undetectable – he is able to live life, be there for his family, and contribute to his community just as he did before his diagnosis.
~ Excerpt from Frank's Story
Sophie came to DAP Health immediately after her partner, Dan, received a life-altering HIV diagnosis. Sophie didn’t have health insurance, but she knew she needed PrEP to stay in control of her health. She was reeling and she was scared.
~ Excerpt from Sophie's Story


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